The Misery of Correcting Past Mistakes

by Absent Minds

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Joey Mohler
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Joey Mohler Absent Minds are one of the best bands in Oregon right now. Fun, catchy, danceable punk rock. WITH A CELLO PLAYER.
Vitaly Sme
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Vitaly Sme cello punx worldwide Favorite track: Skinny Jeans.
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All songs written by Joel Hixon. All songs arranged by Absent Minds.


released August 15, 2013

Tracked by Davey Death Ray. Mixed by Rob Bartleson and Davey Death Ray. Mastered by Rob Bartleson at Haywire Recording.



all rights reserved


Absent Minds Portland, Oregon

The members of Absent Minds are no strangers to change. Over the years since the band's formation in 2007 a lot has changed. Friends, band mates, bands, and venues have all come and gone but one thing stays the same. Absent Minds plays music from the heart for a generation that has already been defined by the mistakes that it never got to make. ... more

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Track Name: Autotune This!
Where do we go in a world that has no place for us
where do you see yourself when you think about the future
it makes me homesick
I hope this feeling doesn’t stick
around long enough to make me lose my mind
what do you see in your dreams that makes you question
all the things that you know about your enemies and friends
it feels so hopless but we’re not going out like this
no it’s not our time

Time to get things right
time to regain sight
or maybe see for the first time

Where do you turn when all the streets are one way
and you’re stuck in the gridlock of the traffic of your mind
just pull the e-brake when it’s all that you can take
pull the car over to the side
What do you sing when every melodies been sung before
and waking up each day feels just like a fucking chore
it feels so awful just remain hopeful
pick yourself up off of the floor
Track Name: No Generation
dark clouds surround me as I drag my feet
my mind starts to wander my heart keeps the beat
distressed by disasters and horrible mistakes
what’s it take to try and make it in this world gone mad

we have no generation
blank stares everywhere
lets leave it all behind
victims of the human condition
blank stares everywhere
lets leave it all behind

stock markets crumble as we come to power
this could be our time
this might be our hour
to avoid decisions fix horrible mistakes
and I think that we can shake it in this world so sad
Track Name: No Rest
There’s no rest for the brave
i have no soul to save
but i can’t seem to sleep
no matter how weak I become
as the clock ticks
my mind starts playing tricks
and I just can’t seem to wake
no matter how bright the sun

and the stars in the sky
are like blueprints of our minds
and the waves in the sea
are exactly like our lives
crashing and foaming and starting again
just like the beginning as it reaches back into the end

as digital campfires blaze
our heads lay leaking
sometimes i just can’t tell
if I’m thinking or if I’m speaking
if I could find my voice in this deafening sea of sound
i’d catch the first fucking wave
and ride it straight out of town
Track Name: No Questions No Lies
The Sky's filled with ashes the seas full of oil
my mind is polluted its rotten to the core
thoughts multiply while the human race divides
subtract intelligence add another lie

This is life we'll never make it out alive
doesn't mean our ideas won't survive
let's build a world in which we can believe
our souls are sick lets find a cure for our disease

The streets are filled with enemies tiny robot eyes and ears
my brains so full of drugs that I can't shake this fucking fear
buildings hit the sky while skyscrapers rise
my mind draws the blank no questions no lies.
Track Name: Krusty Kids
It’s hard to articulate things on this blank page
now I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever act my age
dreaming of big things just like I was taught to do
I’m wreckless in my own way
hopeless through and through

I still have illusions of grandeur
basking in the glow of being and outsider
forgetting all the names of all the people I never knew
wishing all the while I could fucking forget about you

This twisted fascination now its grinding like my teeth
and the truth hurts so we all learn to tell lies
trees entwined with powerlines we’re all buried underneath
I can’t tell who’s showing their face and who’s wearing a disguise
Track Name: The Greatest Screen Name Ever
Sometimes I wake up on the wrong side of the bed
and I keep wondering if I’ll ever believe in anything anything again
other days I just go on dreaming
tossing and turning
denouncing the daylight

Now I gave up everything
for some silly childhood dream
but if this is the way the road leads
then I don’t have a choice
but to keep on walking

Alarm clocks and traffic lights
wake up early stay in the lines
I wish there was a god so he could give me a sign
and maybe he would say
you’re fucked if you stay
oh well you’re fucked anyway
now I’ve made this bed in which I lay
with lies regrets and bills I’ll never pay
and now I’m buried in the ground
like my memories I know
i’ll never be found

and now I gave up everything
for some sill childhood dream
but if this is the way the road leads
then I don’t have a choice....
Track Name: Crazy Eddie
Crazy Eddy lives on Foster
rides a bike without a seat pissing off all the neighbors
he rides down the wrong side of the street
he’s drinking juice he’s cutting loose
I’m pretty sure that he’s out of his fucking mind
he’s got greasy hair a creepy fucking stare
I’m pretty sure that the world left old eddy behind
he can’t come in here he can’t buy his own beer
ever since he yielded that screwdriver like it was a knife
he sits there all day all the people say
I don’t think that I wanna live crazy eddy’s life
Track Name: Skinny Jeans
I saw you at the mall you looked so cool
you had it all but you saw right through me
hole in your nose chucks on your toes
but why you gotta be so god damn mean
i can’t wear skinny jeans but why you gotta be so mean
I don’t got no thick rimmed glasses
because my eyesight’s 20-20
I saw you at the show I asked you to dance
but you said no you just bobbed your head real slow
have you heard this band they’re from greenland
if you don’t know then I don’t know
I can’t wear skinny jeans but why you gotta be so
mean I don’t have a leather jacket cause it’s ninety-eight degrees
So I got my skinny jeans and you said that you’d go out with me
so I picked you up to go get some coffee next thing I know.....
she’s blowing some dude playing cello
Track Name: We All Die
Ever since I found this pen
I use it again and again
In the meantime I’ll keep looking for my voice
and in the end it’s just pretend
this whole life that we live
we’re just trying to save ourselves

now we’ve outpaced our own minds
and we’re surely in decline
knowing that doesn’t make me
much more comfortable
We’ve all grown up into lies
benzodyazapine eyes
we’ve evolved into machines
that eat drugs and breathe radio waves

But we all die
we all die
but you might as well try
you could get hit by a bus
or struck by lightning
we all die we all die
but it’s good to be alive
our voices will grow stronger
from the songs that we sing

Life is a ticking time bomb
no one knows what’s right or wrong
we’re just drinking on the brink
not believing in anything at all
now we’ve got no place to go
and we’ve got nothing to show
we’re all looking for something
that we’ll never find

I find it hard to believe
what I hear and what I see
a low hum turns into screeching feedback
we’re all the losers in this race
but we won’t die in disgrace
raise your voices and sing along
Track Name: Last Song About Dreaming
I dream I dream and it takes me away
to a place with no consequence
to a place where I wanna stay
but I wake up to another day
of late rent and late night regret
to dream a dream to dream another day
And Sometimes I get so noisy
just like fuzz on a tv screen
sometimes I wish the world
would open up and swallow me
then I trip and I stumble on this simple melody
and I know I must destroy it before it
destroys me, I feel my body shakin
on my knees but I will never pray
i hear the clock tickin
I wake up right before it detonates
Track Name: Sweet Music
I’m tired of being left behind
and I’m sure the kids are too
i’m tired of standing in this line
only getting scraps out of you
I can see the sun set behind the
city lights
and I hear the voices of lovers
getting into fights
my minds made up
I’m gonna get right out of town
leave a trail of gas
and burn it down
These days
Times are getting harder
These days
belts are getting tighter
These days
Everything’s changing
but I’m just trying to keep my head
above the water
maybe in these screams
I’ll hear sweet music
and maybe in my dreams
i might even do it
but if its not me and its
somebody else
I don’t wanna be left behing
yeah I don’t wanna be left behind
Track Name: Smokestacks
I see these smokestacks rising from every corner of this room
I see looks on faces but all I see is impending doom
I try to comprehend I try to understand
How this machine works but I just become a part of it
No I don't know why
Let Me In
Let Me Out
Counting records to fall asleep
It's all I do now that I killed all the sheep
I see these rivers running straight into our brain
I see these rivers running they cause us so much pain
I try to swim ashore I try to get away but toxic baptism takes me away
Track Name: S.D.S.D.R (Sing Drink Smoke Drink Repeat)
We drank drank drank
til we were drunk drunk drunk
we smoked smoke smoked
until we smelled like skunk
today I can't remember a thing
oh all the bottles we smashed and all the drunken songs we sing

Please take me home
I wanna go home

I went downtown under the gold streetlight
some punk talked shit so you know that I started a fight
world started spinnin as I started goin round and round and round
realized it's my own demons I'm trying to beat down

Well I pulled myself out of the gutter
I gotta new set of words
I ain't goin nowhere
until my voice is heard

Please Take Me Home
I Wanna go Home