by Absent Minds

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We recorded this in one day with our friend Mike Dennis from 48 Thrills.


released September 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Absent Minds Portland, Oregon

The members of Absent Minds are no strangers to change. Over the years since the band's formation in 2007 a lot has changed. Friends, band mates, bands, and venues have all come and gone but one thing stays the same. Absent Minds plays music from the heart for a generation that has already been defined by the mistakes that it never got to make. ... more

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Track Name: No Questions No Lies
The Sky's filled with ashes the seas full of oil
my mind is polluted its rotten to the core
thoughts multiply while the human race divides
subtract intelligence add another lie

This is life we'll never make it out alive
doesn't mean our ideas won't survive
let's build a world in which we can believe
our souls are sick lets find a cure for our disease

The streets are filled with enemies tiny robot eyes and ears
my brains so full of drugs that I can't shake this fucking fear
buildings hit the sky while skyscrapers rise
my mind draws the blank no questions no lies.
Track Name: Bacon Cheeseburger
I don't wanna wake up today (NO WAY!)
I'd rather sleep it off just waste my whole damn day
i don't wanna sit around wondering why
watching the whole world die

I don't wanna go to work today (No Way!)
I'd rather sit around just waste my whole damn day
I just wanna feel like a human being
not like a robot machine

And this microphone broadcasts all the things that I'm trying to say
this drink in my hand takes all of my worries away
my body is aching my mind is the mess
fill my lungs with smoke now I can't catch my breath
and I try and I try and I try but I don't wanna

Sleep sleep sleep so quietly my heart beats beats beats in a syncopated pattern every day is exactly the same but today I'll take my coffee injected straight into my blood
Track Name: No Rest
There's no rest for the brave I have no soul to save but I just can't sleep no matter how weak I become as the clock ticks my mind starts playing tricks and I just can't seem to wake no matter how bright the sun

the stars in the sky are like blueprints for our minds
the waves in the sea are exactly like our lives
crashing and foaming and starting again
just like the beginning as it reaches back into the end

As digital campfires blaze our heads lay leaking
sometimes i just can't tell if I'm thinking or if I'm speaking
if I could just find my voice in the deafening sea of sound
I'd catch the first fucking wave and ride it straight out of town
Track Name: Scraps
I can hear the sound of the cemetery
As I walk right through the night
and it sounds like music to my ears
makes me swallow all my fears
for just one second I feel like
maybe I’m not buried in the ground
I wake up every morning
and I dig myself out

And when nothings left
drunk friends and I
search for scraps of meaning
on the bones of modern life
until we choke on apathy
even though we know
something just ain’t right

I can hear the sounds of the city streets
as work right through the night
and it makes me want to be free
makes me wanna get the fuck out of here
here in this stainless steel
i watch my life go by
I feel like I’m digging my own grave
like i’m being buried before I die